The “Tierras de José María El Tempranillo” tourist route shows the most important events in the life of the famous Andalusian bandit José María El Tempranillo. The villages that make up the route are: Alameda and Cuevas Bajas in Malaga, Badolatosa, Casariche and Corcoya in Seville, and Benamejí and Jauja (Lucena) in Cordoba, towns where the legend of El Tempranillo left his mark.

The village of Jauja was where the famous bandit grew up and where he spent the first years of his life; Casariche was home to a large part of the adventures of El Tempranillo’s gang, as it also serve their crossroads; Badolatosa and Corcoya were his headquarters and the place chosen to obtain his pardon; Cuevas Bajas is marked by history as a refuge for bandits in the 19th century; Alameda, the town where El Tempranillo rests forever; and Benamejí, the town that turned banditry into a cultural phenomenon through song, painting, cinema and, above all, theater.

The route through these towns allows us to delve into the phenomenon of “bandolerismo” in Andalusia, but they also show us their particular beauty along the way, as they all have beautiful natural landscapes, archaeological remains, cultural events, active tourism and rich gastronomy.