This Roman festival, which is held in summer, takes its name from the city of Ventippo, located according to different authors in our town.

Throughout its different editions, thousands of people have been able to take part in the Romanorum Festum Ventippo. This experience allows the visitor to experience unique sensations, in a privileged environment. Since the Roman Quarries of Cerro Bellido are transformed into a Roman city for a few days. Activities such as strolling among its people, going through the artisan market, enjoying performances and concerts in the Theater and the exhibitions in the Oppidum or watching the Roman Legion parade and sharing their training in the Military Camp, will transport both young and old to another place, to another time, where they can recreate the customs, the atmosphere and the way of life of Ancient Rome.

This visit is recommended for all audiences, as these activities are aimed at both children and adults. There is no doubt that this is an enriching experience, which aims to highlight the value of our history and showcase our present.