Casariche is a municipality in the province of Seville, about 122 km southeast of the capital. It has a population of 5,510 inhabitants, and a surface area of 53 km2, its population density is about 103.96 inhabitants per km2.

The urban structure of the town is determined by two elements that have conditioned its growth up to the present day, these being the course of the River Yeguas and the railway line. The original nucleus is located on the right bank of the river, forming a fairly clean and orderly urban structure. However, the next expansions have taken place anarchically in all directions, especially between the riverbed and the railway line, and to the west of it.

Leaving aside other periods prior to the Romanisation of the Iberian Peninsula, the Lower Roman Empire has innumerable sites within our municipality, (some concentrated around the same location and other more scattered) and discoveries, which have not been fully researched (except in the case of the villa of “El Alcaparral”), thus we cannot know exactly the true importance of the majority of these sites.

Many authors identify the Roman city of Ventippo with the remains found on the hill of the “Atalaya”, whis is located three kilometers north of the present town and the banks of the river Yeguas.

From this period onwards, there is a great lack of data that would allow us to know how the Roman population evolved.

It was not until the Arab period that we have historical references, during which the ancient town of Casariche must have been a relatively important fortress, as it can be deduced from its name (of clear Arab origin). Plus, it is known that the town became part of the Vilayet of Estepa and stood out for its importance as an urban center. After the Reconquista, the place was granted as a lordship to the Order of Santiago.

In the 16th century it changed hands with the creation of the Marquisate of Estepa by Felipe II, which it was granted to Adán Centurión (admiral of the Spanish fleet). Hence this prosperous village became relegated to the status of a suburb or peripheral nucleus of Estepa. It was not until 1788 that a Royal Decree of His Majesty Carlos III appeared in the municipal archives, concerning a regulation on hygiene and coexistence in the localities, and from which it is clear that at that time Casariche was already an independent village of the Marquisate of Estepa.


Currently, Casariche is a town in expansion, a clear sign of this is the increase in population and its diversity over the years. Agriculture has been the sector with the greatest weight in the local economy, although it is true that the secondary and tertiary sector has been increasing. In fact, in recent years both sectors have come to represent more than 75% of the economic sectors where the population of the municipality is employed.


Location and Transport

Casariche is located in the centre of the community of Andalusia, forming part of the region of the Sierra Sur, southeast of the province of Seville. Its geographical coordinates are 37 º 17′ 38″ North and 4 º 45′ 34″ West.

Due to its geographical situation, Casariche is located at a short distance from the main cities, cultural centres and natural areas of Andalusia, such as Cordoba, Malaga, Granada…

Moreover, Casariche has great communication. In fact, it has access to the A-92 which is the main Andalusian highway. Plus , it is also near from the Puente Genil-Herrera train station which has a high speed line (AVE). Hence you can go to Malaga, Cordoba, Madrid…

How to arrive


Access roads to Casariche



Origin – Destination

Length (km)

Red Básica Estructurante


Sevilla – Almería


Red Intercomarcal


Casariche to la Carlota por Puente Genil


Red Complementaria Sevilla


Casariche – Badolatosa


Red Provincial


Ramal de la A-388 (Herrera a Casariche)


Red Provincial


Casariche – Alameda




* From Sevilla and Baena

Grupo Monbus.

Telephone Number: +34 900 92 91 92



More information on or by calling “Renfe contigo” 24 horas: 902 320 320

Nearest train stations:

* Puente Genil-Herrera. Daily services with Madrid and Barcelona. 


This chart shows the distances between Casariche and other sites, including some capitals of Andalusians provinces:


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