The festivity of San Marcos has its origins in Estepa, from where it spread throughout the Marquisate through the ages. In 1984, a group of friends who loved this celebration got together to create an event with more value. Thus, they acquired an image of the Saint and at the same time, they built a hermitage in the place known as “El Puntal”.
This place was to house the image of San Marcos on the day of the pilgrimage.

In 1985, it began the construction of the chapel with the help of the neighbors of Casariche and the surrounding villages. Plus, the land on which it stands was donated free of charge to the Hermandad by its owner, Pedro José Sánchez Pleiter. When the building was completed, it was inaugurated and blessed on 10 April 1986 by the priest of the town, Pedro Juan Álvarez Barrera, with the due authorisation and license of the Archbishopric of Seville. 

Until a few years ago, it was celebrated on the 25th of April (the Patron Day). Nowadays, it takes place on the closest Saturday to that day. On this date, all the people of the region travel to the pilgrimage which is located in the Sierra de El Puntal. This location is next to the A-92 road network, between the towns of Estepa and La Roda de Andalucía.

To attend the pilgrimage, groups of locals make floats to accompany the Saint on the route, which goes from the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación in Casariche to the hermitage, passing through Lora de Estepa beforehand. This celebration is held in conjunction with the nearby town of Lora de Estepa, and is very popular with the people of Casariche.