Cerro Bellido is one of the most important archaeological sites in our municipality. In this site, there is an old quarry steeped in history.

This natural park contains stone quarries, which its exploitation has taken place throughout different periods. Thanks to the archaeological work carried out at this site, construction and ceramic remains have been identified that allow us to confirm the existence of activity from the Punic period (5th century BC – 2nd century BC), continuing until the Ancient Age (2nd century BC to 4th century AD).

These quarries, which the Romans called “lapidicinae”, provided material for the construction of infrastructures related to the production of wine and oil. Following the latest studies carried out in the inner area of the quarries, it has been confirmed that a large number of cylindrical pieces were extracted from them.

The work at this site must have been quite intense and it is even possible to claim that this place was inhabited by the workers or slaves who worked there. In fact, it has been proven by the numerous remains of pottery and iron utensils found in the area.

This mass of rock was formed some 200 million years ago, when the territory of present-day Andalusia formed part of the Thetis Sea (the sea that gave rise to the present-day Mediterranean Sea). This is why we can find abundant fossil material among the remains of these quarries.

The first extractions of these stones probably began in Roman times (Later Roman Empire period), with the aim of providing counterweights for the oil mills that were distributed in the Valle of Genil area and which were destined to supply oil or wine to a large part of the Empire. 

During the Modern Age, the occupation of these quarries occurred as a consequence of the repopulation of the territory following the conquest of Granada, which led to a new boom in olive oil mills and olive oil production in the area.

The enhancement of this natural and archaeological environment highlights the cultural and potential of Casariche. For this reason, it is important to remark the importance of archaeological sites such as Cerro Bellido, where nature and heritage go hand in hand in a space of unique beauty, that shows evidence of occupation of these lands since ancient times and whose legacy has been kept alive over the years.